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Deaf Welfare Awareness Foundation

Lets Move Togehter

Serving the deaf community in pakistan

Welcome to Deaf Welfare Awareness Foundation

Deaf Welfare Awareness Foundation is non-profit, non-government and non-political organization registered under the City District Government Lahore working for uplift of poor deserving deaf communities since 36 years.

The Opening Ceremony of Deaf Welfare Awareness Foundation’ 2nd branch which is Deaf Technical Training center where technical Education of All kind is provided for free was held on June 17, 2013. The chief guest of this ceremony was M. Jamshed Iqbal Chema CEO of Auriga Complex & Candidate of PTI with his daughter Miss. Shazma Iqbal. President M.Mansha, Farhat junaid, Irfan Miraj & Shahid Nadeem were present.

President Message           
“No government, no company, no person alone, can uplift a society. It is only the collective effort of governments, organizations and citizens of the world that can lift the unfortunate from darkness and despair, and help them to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have chosen to take the first step. I hope you will join me, step by step, one person at a time, we will make a difference in the lives of our people and consequently in the society at large. As concerned citizens of the world we must do our part – it is our moral duty and our obligation. Do not follow, or be swayed by the indifference of those who choose to look the other way –Take the lead, they are sure to follow along, sooner or later, as there is no other way"

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