Deaf Welfare Awareness Foundation has a stall at Haryali Market where our special needs children are being introduced as Entrepreneurs

Heartwarming News! We have an incredible update from our work in Nehalani Basti, a village where the deaf community thrives
We responded urgently amidst a devastating floods2022 and provided essential supplies like food, clothing, and blankets, offering comfort during their time of need. Additionally, we established a stitching center, creating empowering job opportunities for the residents to support themselves and their families. We also created a specialized school for underprivileged deaf children, with passionate deaf educators leading the way.
Huge thanks to UNICEF for their support, and kudos to the dedicated teams at Tawnsa for making all this possible. Together, we are making a profound impact on the lives of the #deafcommunity in Nihalani Basti.
Join us in empowering lives and creating a brighter future!

Participation of Deaf Welfare Awareness Foundation for hearing impaired children in painting competition held at Al Hamra Art Council

Collaboration with Nishat Apparel
We extend our sincere appreciation to Nishat Apparel for their remarkable initiative in fostering compassion and empathy for the hearing-impaired community. Our collaboration on an industrial tour showcased the value of inclusivity, breaking barriers, and raising awareness about facility operations. Together, we celebrate the abilities and equal opportunities for differently-abled individuals within the industry. Grateful for this partnership in creating a more inclusive society. 

Independence celebration with Internees, Staff and Special Children’s

Attended Rotary Installation Imagine Transformation 2022-23

DWAF had a great Iftar ceremony on Saturday 23rd April for deaf people and some glimpse of the event are been as follow. We specially thank you to special guest of this Iftar. CEO LimeLight for their kind presence and gift distribution among the deaf

1. Sir Izhar Hashmi
2. Sir Sheikh Parvez
3. Dr Humaira Asif

Their presence give great attractions to the event and their presence was also an honourable moment for the DWAF

DWAF held an ceremony extraordinary by the help of our team and honourable guest we achieve success in flying colours some glims of today events are shared. We try our best to promote and present special people with dignity and there sparking achievements must be shared with more unique way so that they don’t feel backward in any field. InshaAllah DWAF with his team is always ready to help them in every field with the help of you people

Had a fruitful discussion yesterday with the First Lady Mrs. Samina Alvi (Wife of President of Pakistan Arif Alvi ) and the First lady of Punjab Mrs. Perveen Sarwar (Wife of Choudhary Muhmmad Sarwar Governor Punjab) on the need for the inclusion of disabled persons in the province. Current polices with regard to the matter were reviewed and discussion were held on reforms for the better inclusivity of disabled individuals in education, healthcare, employment and other economic sectors

The seminar conducted by the Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) Lahore at the blessed occasion of Bibi Fatima’s Wiladat. The seminar was attended by Mrs. Perveen Sarwar (wife of Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar). The event was inaugurated by the esteemed members from the Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen Lahore, which include Miss Khanum Hina Raza Rizvi (Secretary General MWM), Miss Uzma Taqvi (Deputy Secretary General MWM), Miss Alia Rizvi (Secretary Welfare MWM) and Miss Syeda Rozi Rizvi. Together, we were provided with the much needed opportunity of highlighting the importance of the welfare and prosperity of the women in our country

DWAF was honored to organize its art stall at the two-day Valencia Family Festival. Our art stall included paintings, photographs and other handicrafts made by our talented deaf members. Hundreds of people had attended the festival and donated to fund our cause.DWAF thanks everyone who was present at the festival for helping us and supporting us in fulfilling our collective part in making life better for the deaf community in Pakistan

The Beginning is the most important part of the Work – Plato DWAF took a healthy part in new beginning through the STALL MAKING for raising the funds among the people for more awareness about humanity by hand in hand . And suddenly you know it’s Time to start something New and Trust the Magic of Beginnings – Meister Eckhart

Eulogized brunch abets by AKHUWAT COLLEGE UNIVERSITY, KASUR on SUNDAY 02 JANUARY 2022, at 11:00 A.M in honour of MR. QAZI AZMAT ISA former CEO PAKISTAN POVERTY ALLEVIATION FUND (PPAF) along with the dignified company of Ms. FARHAT ASLAM belongs to DEAF WELFARE AWARENESS FOUNDATION for the sake of FUND RAISING, in order to embellish the future of poorer especially special Childs

“I WOULD NOT CHANGE YOU FOR THE WORLD, BUT I WOULD CHANGE THE WORLD FOR YOU” A sanguine move to create a world of Bliss and Boon for incapacitated children, Ms Shahista Khawar, a stimulus of inspiration for disables, took a constructive step and provide an opportunity by inviting Special Children of DEAF WELFARE AWARENESS FOUNDATION for having LUNCH by organizing an event at 21-12-2021 in PACKAGES MALL and at 22-12-2021 in EMPORIUMMALL, Spreading her devotion and tenderness towards with the contribution of SimplySufi RESTAURANT

In collaboration with School of Motivation under the supervision of Shahbaz Baloch, DWAF has successfully distributed warm clothes to needy people. I am really obliged to the donors and team who worked so hard to meet the milestone. Thank you every! This is indeed the first step towards this project. Please donate and participate in this good deed

DWAF was invited in event at Nishat Hotel, Lahore under the theme of ‘Policy Dialogues with Relevant Stakeholders Around Gender-Based Violence faced by Women with Disabilities. This event was organized with the support of United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA). The purpose was to strengthen and empower women with disabilities