Flood Relief

A humanitarian emergency is a life-threatening scenario where there is clear proof of how an incident or set of events has happened that is causing human suffering or is imminently endangering people’s lives and livelihoods. With the world continually changing around us, environmental and political catastrophes appear to be arising more regularly. It is also true that poorer countries needed to improve from such occurrences, owing to a range of variables such as inadequate infrastructure or leadership.

Dwaf welfare recognizes this fact and yet is fast to send experienced teams who offer food, drink, shelter, clothes, and medical treatment in the early aftermath of a disaster – wherever and whatever it may be. We previously responded to a serious drought by supplying them with fresh food and drinking water packs, eventually benefiting 11,700 people. We also earned praise from the UK and UAE governments for our flood relief efforts.

About 33 million people have been affected.
The catastrophic calamity has touched one of every seven Pakistanis.
Balochistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), and Punjab have been impacted the most.
Floodwaters have destroyed roughly 1 million houses, 600 schools, 145 bridges, and thousands of kilometers of highways, making rescue operations difficult and sealing off many villages from outside help.
The humanitarian situation is quickly escalating, with many more families expecting to be driven to the edge of extinction as the crisis unfolds.
Please help us with our emergency response. Donate to our Pakistan Floods Relief Fund right now.
DWAF welfare is on the ground, delivering life-saving assistance.

Our emergency teams are already on the ground, working in local communities to assist affected families.

We offer a lifeline by delivering hygiene kits, tents, food packs, kitchen equipment, and cash handouts so families may satisfy their most pressing needs.
The dwaf is also committed to assisting communities in recovering from the tragedy as rapidly as possible so that vulnerable individuals are not subjected to the devastating effects of flash floods.
As the situation deepens, families in difficulty require Islamic Relief’s assistance more than ever.
Please help us with our emergency response.

Donate to our Pakistan Floods Relief Fund now.