About Us

DWAF ‘s Vision is to create institutional, non-institutional, and community-based interventions for the people to help them become independent self-reliant, and contributing citizens of the country.
Establishing a society where every citizen has access to basic human rights and improved socio-economic conditions without any discrimination.

DWAF is a non-profit organization with the purpose to elevate the commitment of the deaf to professional independence improve their vocational skills and raising to a new level the public perception of professional opportunities of the Deaf and their participation in social and economic life

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Let's Move Together

Our slogan at Deaf Welfare Awareness Foundation is “Let’s Move Together” because we believe that the systems which discriminate against certain individuals are run by humans, and should humans collectively decide to rid society of such discrimination, we are more than capable of building a world full of prosperity for all. So come, let’s move together

Projects and Programs

Need Your Help For Flood Victims

A humanitarian emergency is a life-threatening scenario where there is clear proof of how an incident or set of events has happened that is causing human suffering or is imminently endangering people’s lives and livelihoods Read More

Our Programs

Deaf Technical Training Centre

We believe in empowering every human by giving them the necessary tools for navigating life in the society. Hence, the Deaf Technical Training Center provides vocational training courses that help individuals from the deaf communities add profitable skills and an impressive diploma to their resume in order to help them find gainful employment.  Read More

Sign Language Courses

The primary hurdle in the way of the deaf community when they step out into the world is of course communication hence, our most important program is our sign language course. We have a highly trained staff specifically for conducting the sign language course. Read More

Women Empowerment Program

No society can progress without the women of that society participating in it in equal numbers as the men. Read More

Laziz Thali Program

There are many fine creations that our Lord created for us to experience on this planet of ours and everyone should have the right to experience them. Our Laziz Thali program is based on the idea of everyone being deserving of enjoying quality and nourishing food, hence in this program we strive to bring together the underprivileged communities in order to provide them with high quality and nutritious meals. Read More

Deaf Bride And Groom

This life is a difficult journey and no one was meant to travel through it alone.

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